Friday, December 31, 2004

Deadly waves and killer asses

All this tsunami talk as of late reminds me of something: My old band was playing a gig at Bunratty's in Alston, Mass many years ago with a band called the "Tsunami Poets." Their lead singer was this raging babe that wore a very tight outfit covered with christmas lights. She had an ass to fly into a masturbatory fit for. When they went on, my band mates and I gathered off stage to leer at her booty. Somebody mentioned that "you could bounce a quarter off that thing." Well that's exactly what I tried to do. I started whipping change from my pocket at her ass until one of their roadies/pals grabbed me and told me to "cut the shit." A drunken shoving match ensued. Well needless to say, 'ole Wheel Gun got the best of the deal. A bouncer type intervened, grabbed my opponent and presumably kicked him out of the club.

Too bad all those people died from that tsunami the other day.


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