Saturday, January 01, 2005

My New Career

So I never made much money playing music. Now I'm old and in a half-assed band that plays once every six months. I'm thinking of giving the whole silly thing up. If I did, what would be my next logical step? Usually old fucks like me are put out to pasture in some pathetic blues or cover band. But I would still have to lug my damned amp around and stay up late. No more playing for me. But I still have all this equipment and a practice space. Why not become a producer/band manager type? I've always wanted to produce and write songs for an all female band. This would be good for two reasons - 1. It would involve far less effort. 2. I could hang around 4 or 5 really cute young girls who would look up to me and perhaps even gobble my crank on occasion. In effect, I would be put out to stud and not out to pasture!

Here are some possible names I've thought for this band -

The Estro Genies
Little Girl Lost
The Beef Curtains
The Cotton Ponies
Action Woman
The Muff Divas

I will keep you all posted on further developments in my new career. In the mean time, enjoy this MP3. It's The Other Half doing "Mr.Pharmacist."


At 9:26 PM, Blogger The Cod God said...

The only way that any of you are "half-assed" is if you only squeezed one ass-roll into your tighty-whities instead of the usual 7....per cheek.

That reminds me of my favorite Norm-ism from Cheers...

Woody says "What's shaking Mr. Peterson?".

Norm replies "All four cheeks and a couple of chins".


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