Saturday, January 01, 2005

Speaking Of Anuses

What a moronic endeavor blogging is. I mean, just who am I doing this for? When I first heard of blogging I thought it would never catch on. Of course I don't have a really good track record as far as prognostication goes. Case in point: I was working in a record store years ago when the first rap records came out. Rap struck me as dull. Shit, it's just some fucking idiot talking over a mechanical beat. I put the damned things in the spoken word section right next to the Rod McKuen records. "This will never last."

My nephew The Cod God started a blog not too long ago and recently requested my help with some HTML. I figured I would sign up and test this blog thing out so I could assist him. Now look what happened. Jesus. Like I don't have anything better to do than "blog." And besides, who really wants to know what I think?

Well the whole point of this blog is that I just re-read my first few blogs and realized how stupid and uninteresting they were. Especially the one about redefining my anus. I must have been seriously into me cups when I penned that one. But don't worry folks. Like almost every thing in my sordid little life this blogging adventure won't hold my interest for long. At least we can all hope.

Speaking of anuses, I heard someone use the phrase "anal retentive" the other day. Christ, who the fuck wouldn't want to retain their anus? Maybe someone who would prefer that shit fly out of their bottom any damned time it pleased? These are the deep philosophical thoughts that keep me going. Now, is it right to share these thoughts with the world?


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