Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Time For Wheel Gun

I have been doing this idiotic blog for 6 years! I started it as a favor to my nephew The Cod God who has long since dropped off the face of the earth but I just keep chugging along. Not one for fads, I eschew the hipper forms of online communications. Old fashioned blogging is like a fine aged wood compared the cheap plastic of Face Book or Twitter. Actually, If I had my druthers, I would tap out my blogs in Morse Code if any would listen. No one reads my blogs as it is so maybe I will. Or perhaps I will stand on the roof of my bachelor pad and communicate them through semaphore. I bet at least a few of the fishermen off the harbor would understand. Anyway, time for my annual spring time random thoughts blog:

I think it’s a riot that a volcano in Iceland has pretty much halted trans Atlantic air travel. I can just imagine what fine volcano dust would do to a jet turbine. “Fuck it up” would be the technical term. This might just be the impetus for the aerospace industry to really develop scramjets or ramjets. New York to London in one hour! No time for the shitty in-flight movie. Hell, never mind that, get to work on a goddamned transporter like you see on Star Trek! I want to get transported as far the hell away from here as possible.

The Red Sox are truly blowing dead dog early in the season. I’m sure they will turn it around eventually before they swoon again towards the end of the season. But at least its baseball! Baseball = Spring = Renewal = Hope = Beer.

I was going to go on a bit about the tea baggers but I think you already know my opinion of them. So where the hell were they during the largest expansion of federal power ever, which occurred during the Bush administration? I guess federal power is OK if it’s in the hands of a white Republican.

Man, I was downtown recently during a warm day and the chickage was truly awe inspiring. That’s the thing I like most about spring. That and the fact it is no longer fucking winter.


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