Monday, January 25, 2010

Pigskin Prognostication

It’s the time of year for Wheel Gun Bob’s always insightful, wacky, freewheeling, informative and productive Super Bowl blog! It makes me almost want to partake in some homoerotic towel snapping and grab-assing. And now please, a moment of silence for the pre-blog team prayer… Amen. Good, now here it is:

We have the New Orleans Saints featuring Drew “Shallow” Brees vs. the Indianapolis Colts featuring Payton “Tea Bag” Manning. I hope the Saints win because I dislike Tea Bag Manning. He doesn’t like me either from what I hear. Now this is where I would normally launch into a long but brilliant and well thought out analysis, full of arcane football minutia only the diehard gridiron fan could understand. This scientific analysis would compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two teams and would provide a probable outcome so likely that some would consider me a prophet. Well not this time.

This time you will have to pay for my football betting advice. Send me $20 and I will send you an encrypted email that will self destruct after reading. It will give you the final Super Bowl score guaranteed to be 99.9999% probable. Make checks payable to “Wheelgun Nostradamus The Greek”.


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