Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meteorites Or????

Folks, I’m a little concerned these days. I have seen a few articles in the news recently about apparent meteorites exploding in the skies above our heads, one of which was over Wisconsin. They may be meteors but I suggest an alternative explanation. Far be it for me to needlessly worry anyone, but I believe an alien attack may be imminent. I think advance alien scout vessels have been reconnoitering our planet and secret earth defenses have been blasting them to smithereens. Good thing since we don’t want them to get the lay of the land in preparation for the onslaught. But once the green blooded bitches figure out Google Earth, look out. Hopefully the fuckers will get the pop-up that reads “you may have been infected with a virus, click here to install Anti-Virus 2010” and they will become afflicted with an earth born computer virus! An information age twist on the War Of The Worlds scenario, no?

I have at times in this informative yet highly entertaining blog suggested various defenses against an invasion from outer space. I will not reiterate them here since you have no doubt committed them all to memory. Suffice it to say, be well armed! We want the rivers flowing with green blood when the time comes. In your face (or wherever your sensory organs are) you tentacled muthafuckas!

So if you see any fireballs in the sky at night, you know our boys have just picked off another one.

P.S. I will be selling my Anal Probe Avoidance Kits (APAKs) soon.


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