Thursday, June 02, 2011

Gaga Beast

Help me out here, ma cyber peeps - just who the hell is "Lady Gaga"? He/she is apparently a popular "singer" of indeterminate sexuality and origin. Of course I wouldn't know a Lady Gaga "song" if you were to super glue it to the end of your tallywacker and bugger me up the arse with it! No doubt she/he is an auto-tuned monstrosity that is a hit with our less than discriminating youth here in A'merka.

Lady Gaga might be some form of alien/human hybrid that was developed in a lab at Area 51. But who really knows what goes on there? Some pictures of Area 51 were just released that supposedly show a precursor to the SR-71 spy plane. I took a close look at these recently declassified photos and saw no evidence of any alien life forms. Of course they won’t ever declassify pictures of aliens.

In order to get more information on Lady Gaga, I went to where I normally go for 100% accurate and up to date info – Wikipedia. I was hoping to find out where the beast was hatched/created. Area 51? No, unfortunately, New York city is listed as to where it was “born.” I kept reading and noticed this sentence that somehow the government censors missed: Lady Gaga’s hibernaculum is Groom Lake, Nevada. Ha! Groom Lake is Area 51! So it goes there periodically to shed its skin or whatever. I knew it! Yet another example of a reptilian humanoid.

If you don’t believe me, check the Wikipedia article out yourself. But do it quickly since the government keeps a wary eye on this blog and will correct their oversight within minutes of its posting.


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