Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Moe!

I’m going to miss Muammar Qaddafi if reports of his demise are true. Yes, Moʼammar Gadhafi apparently had his head ventilated or was blown up or something violent was done to him with extreme prejudice that caused him to leave this mortal coil. Too bad because ole Muammar Kaddafi was an entertaining, if bloodthirsty, ruthless dictator. Moammar El Kadhafi was responsible for many deaths and almost as many names but nonetheless had a certain charisma. Muʼammar al-Qadafi always looked comical to me and I can see him cracking people up as he cracked heads.

Muʻammar na a Qadhdhāfī was responsible for blowing up a plane over Scotland killing many people and no doubt lots of sheep. But we forgave Muammar Ghaddafy with G.W. Bush at the helm probably due to the fact Muhammar Gandolphini had oil. And yes, Muammar gandalf vs Dumbledore had a lot of oil! That’s the only reason that Mouammar Garciapara stayed around so long as he did.

Rest In Hell Mo’ammar El S’zyslak.


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