Monday, June 06, 2011

“The idjut is coming, the idjut is coming!”

Oh, my dear cyber worshippers, am I a bumming unit at this moment! I’m stuck in the bowels of this giant building far, far away from the beautiful day what’s going on outside. But here I must be so I will try to mitigate a little of my misery by handcrafting a little bloggeroo for you! How great is that? A random thoughts one it will be then:

That moronic MILF Sarah Palin is on a bus tour to show off her breath taking stupidity. Thank god Paul Revere went around ringing bells warning the British not to take our guns away from us. The revolutionary war was about gun control after all. Sarah was right about this since you can’t own a handgun in Britain. Can there please be a modern day Paul Revere galloping just ahead of Sarah Palin’s tour bus warning Americans “The idjut is coming, the idjut is coming!”

I think this whole “Wienergate” thing is great. How funny is it that a congressman name Wiener is sending pictures of his wiener to women? I actually heard someone on the radio say “This Weinergate thing is getting bigger every day.” What a riot. Let’s get one thing straight about Wienergate and see what pops up! Maybe Wiener should hang with the “wide stance” congressman.

There seem to be tornados everywhere these days. This is no doubt god’s retribution for gays in the military. When I was a kid I used to pack my suitcase and hang out in the basement with my brother during tornado watches. Even though the summer weather could get a lot nastier where I was living than New England, the tornado never arrived. But that was even before “don’t ask don’t tell” so maybe god wasn’t too pissed.

Well, that’s enough malarkey from me. Your welcome.


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