Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amy Wine-o

[I noticed after posting my last brilliant blog that I have 23 more to go to reach a total of 300 posts. I was thinking of hanging up my blogging spikes for good after that. I mean, does anyone even read this anymore? Huh? Huh? Answer me! I would normally say “cue the cricket chirps” at this point but why even bother? Too bad because I have so much more to say. If a blog were to be posted in cyberspace and no one read it, would it make the sound of one hand clapping? Well enough of this self-pity! I will now provide the first of my last 23 blogs]

Normally I don’t give a naked mole rat’s copulatory organ about pop singers these days but I’m totally digging Amy Winehouse. She’s no squeaky voiced, auto-tuned, no-talent fraud like the rest. She can actually sing. But that’s not what entertains me about her. It’s the fact she’s a total crack head alcoholic. I saw a video clip of her attempting to perform shortly after having left rehab. She is totally blasted, stumbling around, dropping her mic, mumbling incoherently and generally acting as if she doesn’t know what planet she’s on. It was almost like performance art. I can’t imagine why people were booing and leaving.


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