Monday, June 13, 2011

Stanley Cup vs. Midget Wrestling

I’m all excited about tonight. On one hand there are the Bruins who must win tonight to have a chance at the Stanley cup. On the other hand is midget wrestling, AKA the Republican Presidential “Debate.” Mitt Romney will be the guy all the others will pile on since he had the audacity to come up with the healthcare plan that Obama based his own on. It will be funny to see how these candidates will fight to out conservo each other. At the end of the debate I’m sure they will be calling for the complete eradication of all taxes, the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare, the mass extermination of all non-Christians in this country and who knows what else. It will be funny to hear all the pandering. How many times will they mention God or Jesus? How much hate can they heap on Obama? How much loyalty can they profess for Israel? Who will come out for boiling abortion doctors alive first? Actually, this might not be so funny.

Fuck it. I’m watching the Bruins.


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