Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Picking The Corn Holer In Iowa

So who is it going to be - human prolapsed rectum Ron Paul, anal sex detritus Rick Santorum or establishment boy Mitt Romney? The rest are gonzo, let’s face it. Too bad about Newt though since he was at times even more amusing than Herman Cain. Mark my words, Mitt will be the eventual winner of the nomination. Only thing left for excitement will be his choice of VP. Betcha he chooses blubbery blowhard Chris Christie who will make a great and very large attack dog. Mitt will stay above the fray saying whatever he needs to get you to vote for him while Christie will say really bad things about the negro who dares occupy our White House. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Mitt made a deal with the double-wide New Jersey governor not to run for president in exchange for the future VP nod. Now I’m praying for Ron Paul/Sarah Palin 3rd party run!


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