Friday, October 07, 2005

The Rude Pundit

I have some good news for you! Maybe this will help cheer you up a little after the recent Red Sox disaster.

Of course you all know my propensity for Bush bashing in this blog. Now most of you are either Bush fans (I still can't fathom why anyone liberal or conservative would not detest the anti-American mother fucker let alone be a fan) or don't care one way or another. So you roll your eyes and surf else were when you see one of anti-Bush diatribes. Well, you won't have to anymore!

I proudly present to you The Rude Pundit who proclaims he is "Proudly lowering the level of political discourse." He blows my blogs away completely. I tip my hat to him. He rules. You must visit him and visit him often. Please read all his recent blogs and archives. An excerpt:

Barbara Bush is, without a doubt, an evil she-devil whose fangs have ripped to shreds piles of politicos, laughing while she licked the gore and guts off her teeth. She is Lady Macbeth gone crone. One sometimes has to pity George Bush, Sr., because you can bet that at dinner parties in Kennebunkport, whenever the scotch has been flowing loosely and the wind is blowing the Atlantic against the edges of the compound, Babs mouths off about Poppy losing in 1992, cutting deep in that alcoholic patrician way that only old money can insult each other. She's a vicious old kooz, so calmly, mesmerizingly mean that daisies curl their petals for safety and male dogs cower in the corner for fear of losing their balls whenever she walks the streets. And when she deigns to allow Poppy to fuck her, she stares at him intensely, telling him that he's not man enough to make her come, get the lawnboy, get the butler, hell, get the goddamn maid to eat her out, anyone would satisfy her eternally dry snatch but Poppy.

No more anti-Bush blogs from me! I will, from now on, just write safe non-threatening blogs that won't angry up your blood no more and leave the rest to my new hero The Rude Pundit.


At 1:28 AM, Blogger B-Face said...

I never realized how unsafe and threatening your blogs were until you promised to stop writing them.

Where will I get my danger from now? On what razor's edge shall I tread? I came here to get what I could get in no other format from no one else - Anti-Bush diatribes done with the rapier wit of Bobert.

Forgive my goofy sarcasm - I reside in Cambridge. Last time I was getting a burrito, an old man in a dress was behind me in line ranting about how Bush was the AntiChrist, and it even said so in Peruvian "skiptches." That could either be scriptures or sketches, who cares. But I hear and see and am bombarded with far better or crazier or dumber or smarter tirades almost every day. Come on down some time, walk around. You'll be in heaven.

Plus: College chicks.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Wheel Gun Bob said...

Why the fuck are you in Cambridge? Why, in gods name, would anyone live there? There are real honest to god communists there! If you dig college chicks (and who doesn't), move to Durham, NH.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger B-Face said...

As far as coming to Cambridge, it was kinda out of my hands.
There are some perks, though.

I doubt I'd ever live in Durham. That town's small enough that you can never get away from the college kids, anywhere. And I hate them.


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