Friday, September 30, 2005

Hammer Time

[Ed. note: I was working on this blog whilst woofing down my dinner at work tonight when our enterprise back-up system blew up. I am now at home drinking a beer and wringing out my nut-sack.]

Another dog blowing night here at work. People just won't leave me alone. And everybody's got a shitty attitude around here. I refuse to catch it. Although it sounds like I already have it from reading my blogs, doesn't it? It's just that I refuse to do a half-assed job and also hide or blame other people for my mistakes. Shit, I would be one crappy Republican (sorry, I know that the Democrats are just as bad but they don't count anymore).

Speaking of Republicans, Tom "The Hammer" Delay, the Teflon Don of the Republicans, was indicted yesterday for some campaign finance shenanigans. The guy's so crooked that he can't even lie straight in bed. They used to say the same of LBJ. There must be a factory in Texas that mass produces corrupt politicians. Or maybe it's in the water. Texas is where Bush calls home - 'nuff said? But I happen to like Texas. I drove across it once and spent some time in Austin. I could easily live in Austin.

A couple miscellaneous thoughts before I have to return my attention to the job:

- There are now 9 million millionaires in this country. Guess what? I ain't one of them.

- Do you think Fox News will start referring to hurricanes as "homicide storms?"

- Maybe the Red Sox should see if Miguel Tejada can inject Curt Schilling in the ass with his magic B-12.

Speaking of the Red Sox, they must win 2 out of three from the Yankmeats this weekend or it's time to clean out the locker and go home for the winter. After tonight's glorious win, I wouldn't bet against it.


At 5:48 PM, Blogger B-Face said...

Austin rules.


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