Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bellies, Singing Turds, Runway Models

I went to the Deerfield Fair this last weekend. Rides, animals, bad food and lotsa toothless goobers. I asked the guy at the ticket booth if there was a discount for being inbred. He told me that I could get a sandwich in the fair grounds. But the thing that amazed me the most was what the young women were wearing. I guess the big belly look is in these days. I saw countless chicks in hip huggers and short tops with their bellies hanging out. Is this sexy? Quite a few had bellies bigger than mine! Good god! I just wish they sold beer at these fairs. It would be so much more fun. I could live on fried dough and beer. Maybe I would loose all my teefus and get me a big-bellied girlfriend.

So that malodorous, decrepit old troubadour Neil Young has come out with a new album. Now, I know I'm going to piss people off by saying this (BFace?), but I have no use for Neil Young. Never have, never will. He has no talent. I could never figure out why he's popular at all. The dump I took earlier today could probably sing and play guitar not to mention smell better than Neil Young. People have pointed out to me that he is the "grandfather of grunge" like that's a good thing. I just wish he would go away and take that abomination "Rockin In The Free World" with him.

And what WGB blog would be complete with out the obligatory Bush bashing? Sorry guys, I really wish I could bash Bill Clinton for you but he, along with his fellow useless Democrats, are about to be marginalized out of existence. And I don't have a hell of a lot of time so I will reserve my venom for the party in charge of all things - The Republican'ts. So here I go -

That smirking primate some laughingly refer to as our president has chosen the next Supreme Court nominee who just happens to have been his personal lawyer. That, in and of itself, almost sounds unconstitutional. Remember- there is supposed to be three independent branches of government here, checks and balances and all that. What we have instead is a government full of Bush cronies. And she's not even good looking! Why not choose a knockout babe for Supreme Court justice? Hell, just about any runway model would be as qualified as Bush's pal. And we could all speculate what's under her robe if anything. Plus it would give someone Judge Thomas could tell dirty jokes to.

The Red Sox took one up the pooper hard today. Hopefully they can rebound tomorrow.


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At 12:58 PM, Blogger CptLeech said...

I think Bush should nominate Matt Clement. She is a better pitcher but Clement is better looking and probably more qualified to serve.

At 3:41 AM, Blogger B-Face said...

Matt Clement has less facial hair.

Hey Bob, personally I care neither about your not liking Neil Young nor your not bashing Bill Clinton.
As for Neil, I'm not exactly a fan, but he's pretty cool. He did that cool-ass live version of "Hey Hey, My My" where the amps are so toasted you can smell them burning when you listen to it, and he's so out of tune that it's hysterical. Then he releases it! Before you cast stones, keep in mind, he released it. Glass houses and all that.
Also, your saying he has no talent has no bearing on anything. In the words of my good friends from up North, "Talent = Boring." Their song by that name was 47 seconds of all instruments playing one single note. One of the best punk band in recent years was called the No-Talents. So anyway, while I may not be a fan so to speak, I can appreciate the man if only for his "fuck you all" attitude. Not bad for an aging hippie. Not you, Bob, I mean Neil Young.
Regarding your not bashing Bill Clinton, who the hell cares? Write about the Nomads.


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