Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Of The Famous Letters Of Lord Fuckworth To Dr. Porksword

Dear Dr. Porksword:

My perineum has been disingenuous lately. Shoud I be concerned or is this just a phase?

-Lord Fuckworth

Lord Fuckworth:

First consider its position...between some rocks and a fart place. Your perenium is bound to experience some ups and downs. Try cheering it up by wearing some flowery panties. Throw a party for your perineum, invite mutual friends and choose a theme (cowboys & indians for example). How about some simple conversation? People tend to neglect their perineum because its out of sight and out of mind. Purchase a hand mirror and periodically hold casual conversations while driving or at work. Remember, your perineum is not just there to seperate the shithouse from the yogurt slinger...its there so you can ride motorcycles as well...or something...lost my train of...yeah.

Dr. Porksword.


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