Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Famous Letters of Lord Reginald Fuckworth to Doctor Hieronymus Porksword

Dearest Dr. Porksword:

I hope the this beautiful late summer finds you well and prosperous! I, on the other hand, am consumed with worries. Due to some financial mismanagement on the part of yours truly, I am forced to forsclose on my scrotum. I don't want to live a post scrotbox life! Suggestions?

Yours Devotedly,
Lord Fuckworth

Dearest Lord Fuckworth,

Scrotum foreclosure is all too common these days. All around me I hear the cries and lamentations of the scrotally forclosed. You shouldn't blame yourself, however, but assign the blame to 7 1/2 years of 'merikan mismanagement by curious George. You may be forced to lease a substandard scrote in the interim or go the frugal route...and make one out of papier mache. Post scrotal life may sound lonely but never are not alone.

May the Jack Lord smile on you and yours,

Dr. Porksword


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