Monday, September 29, 2008

2nd Shaft Again

My considerable misfortune will be your good fortune, dear fans. I am on 2nd shift here at work tonight, a shift that I used to do exclusively for over two god-awful years. Then, over a year ago, I was blessed by a move to first shift so I could actually see the morons that I deal with. But I was told to cover for our 2nd shift guy tonight. When I arrived dutifully at 4PM, I noticed that the 2nd shift guy was here. Oops. But I sure as hell was not driving all the way back home (as much as I would have loved to). So I told him to scram. Which leaves me here alone with you, my faithful followers. And believe me, you will not be disappointed. No sah! I will extrude a multi-colored, star-shaped random thoughts blog out of my Play Dough filled mind just for the occasion! Yippee!

Alright, first order of business. When I used to work 2nd shift and would go to any of the bathrooms to visit the urinals, there would always be some poor bastard taking a shit in one of the stalls. It didn’t matter the time or the bathroom. Used to creep me out. Now after 3 major and many minor lay-offs this place is a ghost town during the day let alone at night. So there just can’t be anyone in the bathroom but me this time. I will now check and put the results at the end of this blog.

Looks like that 700 billion buck bailout for Wall street failed to pass the house. I say fuck ‘em and give the money to us, the working stiffs. It would be around $4,000 for each adult in this country. Reverse Reganomics and see if it “trickles” up to those CEOS and other fat cats. I’m serious. I would use it to pay some bills and maybe for a few trips to Tens in Salisbury to stimulate the economy among other things.

I saw the presidential “debate” the other night and was none too impressed by either guy. McCain was just so condescending to Obama and wouldn’t even look at him. I kept expecting him so say “That boy over there wants to take your tax dollars.” And Obama needs to be a lot meaner and less wonkish. I can’t wait to see the vice presidential debate. Biden is sure to step in it at least a couple times and Palin is just a slow motion train wreck. I would love to see Palin come to the debate dressed as a cheerleader.

My favorite Paul Newman movie was “Cool Hand Luke.” Makes me what to eat 50 eggs in one hour just thinking about it.

Yup, there was some miserable nitwit shitting his brains out in one of the stalls. Maybe the next lay-off (which is rumored to be 40% of the remaining work force) will reduce the chances of having to share the bathroom with some dope pinching a loaf. Of course I may not be here to enjoy it.


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