Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Entertainment in the face of adversity

Before so unexpectedly and spectacularly derailed in yesterdays blog, I was going to tell you about a particular soap dispenser where I work. But before I do that let me describe the environs of the place of my employment. I work in this giant building in suburban Mass in the IT department of a company that makes semi-conductor equipment. And right now, nobody is buying semi-conductor equipment. I mean nobody. We have had 3 major and many minor layoffs in the last year or so with more planned. Those that are still here are jumping ship like George Bush supporters. Everyone’s attitude is in the shitter. So I have to find ways of distracting myself from the morass.

The last time anything was upgraded around here was when the soap dispensers went from the manual pump kind to the motion sensor kind. Just wave your hand under it and a blob of soap automatically comes out. That was a couple years ago. Now they are erratic and in need of repair. The main bathroom in Engineering, if you go to the very right hand sink and place your hand under the soap dispenser, a series of blobs come shooting out, each one bigger than the last. It even makes a moaning sound that gets louder with each shot. It ejaculates! It’s such a riot.

So when things really get me down at work, I just wash my hands of it. So to speak.


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