Sunday, May 31, 2009


It’s Sunday and I’m about to end my week in exile. Unpaid exile that is. Without going into the gory details, I was forced to take two weeks unpaid time off like the rest of the company I work for. However, since I am so “valuable” to the IT department, our CIO (chief information officer) and vice president had exempted me. Well guess what? Our CIO has left for greener pastures (actually a company out in California that makes missiles – believe you me, I am trying to get a job there) so the deal is apparently off. And since a couple of unprotected malcontents complained to HR, I’ve been told to go bye-bye for two weeks. Huge “Fuck You!!”s to a lot of people.

You have no fucking idea how pissed I am. A deal is a deal as far as I’m concerned. I thought it was unfair to begin with (as I said at the time) but I agreed to it against my better judgment (what am I to do when the CIO and my immediate boss pull this on me w/o prior warning?) and I also agreed not to be looking for another job in exchange for this “protection”. What a dumb fuck I am. I missed some important opportunities.

Well, I just took one week off and I will endeavor to find the most inconvenient time to take the next one off. I know I am old fashioned but a deal is a deal! They can all go and fuck themselves raw and bleeding with a pressure treated, rusty nail festooned 4x6. They can feast upon my corn fed shit. They can quaff my staff and paint or swallow. God, I hate cubville. I just want to play with computers – hell, I’m good at it. It's this other office politic bullshit that I hate. HATE!!!!


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