Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your Love Is Like A Mutant Rainbow

Check this out.

This song has been in my head ever since I saw "The Omega Man" starring Chuck Heston during a film premier in London circa 1971. My best Friend Lem was a child film actor, among other things (he is currently a renowned screen writer in Hollywood) and was able to get me into this premier.

If you have ever seen the film, Robert Neville (Chuck) is the last man on earth except for the mutants (Anthony Zerbe will forever be one of my favorite actors) and, at one point, he goes into a movie theater to watch "Woodstock" (it was just a cinematic vehicle to show how there was once thousands of people on Earth). The part that plays is this one with Country Joe And The Fish. Perhaps it was the first time I had ever really paid attention to a Vox organ. Been obsessed ever since. Years later, at The Stone Church here in New Hampshire, I met Country Joe and presented him with a song I had written about Ronald Reagan. He laughed and mentioned me during his performance.

P.S. I read the book "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson just after seeing "Omega Man" and, of course, it has little to do with the movie. The recent movie with Will Smith, although not bad aint that close either.

P.P.S. Can you imagine the brouhaha if 'ole Chuck had said this about a Republican president instead of Clinton? My god, it would have paled in comparison the Dixie Chicks outrage.

“Mr. Clinton, sir, America didn’t trust you with our health care system. America didn’t trust you with gays in the military. America doesn’t trust you with our 21 year old daughters, and we sure, Lord, don’t trust you with our guns.”

P.P.P.S Keep your hands off me you damned, dirty apes!


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