Sunday, August 09, 2009

After Birther

I’m getting a big kick out of the “birther movement” - the nuts who insist that Barak Obama wasn’t a native born American so he can’t be president. There is even a soldier who refuses to deploy unless he gets proof that Obama's mother squirted Barak out on the hallowed grounds of US soil. Of course there is proof but that won’t sway these whack jobs. I just think some people are still freaked out that we have a scary negro for a president. Get used to it, assholes.

Still, the whole thing is a riot. There is this crazy chick with, ironically, a foreign accent (not sure where she’s from) who is the leader of the birthers. She is sore loser Alan Keyes’ lawyer who keeps trying to get the courts to declare Obama not legally our president. I saw her interviewed on TV recently and she is truly bug fuck out of her mind insane. The funniest thing is that some guy made a fake Kenyan Obama birth certificate and she ran with it claiming it was real. Then the forger admitted he did it to “punk” her. Awesome entertainment.

I made myself a fake Kenyan birth certificate which you can do here. Hey, maybe now I can start winning all those marathons I enter.

- Robert "Wheelgun Kip" Hussein Keino


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