Monday, January 24, 2005

How My Balls Feel

My balls ache. I mean not literally. Figuratively. It's fucking Monday, I'm hungover and last but not least, I'm at work. But I'm not sad. The Patriots handed the Steelers an old fashioned ass rape last night. Hah!

Now it's on to the Eagles from Swilladelphia, the city of brother on brother love. Did you guys see the fucking dumb ads for the city of Philadelphia last year that always ran during Red Sox games? You know the ones hyping the "culture" and cheese steaks? At the end there were a bunch of clowns dancing in the street. Say no more. The Patriots are going to take a nice big, hot, gooey, fatty, cheese steak sub and ram it up the Eagle's sit-upon.

Hey wasn't Donovan McNabb the QB that that fat sack of shit Rush Dimbulb thought was over rated because he was black? Well he's not over rated. He's damned good. Too bad he's going to loose the Super Bowl in two weeks. And, by the way, Rush ain't fit to lick McNabb's prodigious jock strap.

Three more hours Monday will be over and I will be home. A couple shots of JD later and my balls will feel just fine, thank you very much.


At 12:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And ka-ka.
And pee pee and fart and doo doo and butt.


And bum. And poop.


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