Friday, August 05, 2005

My Orafice

I get home from the coal mines any where from 1-2AM or later if there is a raging shit storm. What do I do to relax? I work on fucking computers. Not that much different from work really. Except I can drink. This is my messy office – soon to be overhauled. That black computer on the floor is my main beast. Her name is “MOTHER,” after the spaceship’s computer in “Alien.” I put her together myself (Antec Sonata case, AMD Athalon 64 3800+, Asus A8V Deluxe socket 939 MB, 1G Mushkin enhanced RAM, 2 SATA 10,000 RPM HDs – I could go on and in greater detail but I’m getting a serious chubby). To the right you will see a line up of old Dell computers that need my attention but won’t get it tonight. That’s an American Strat, by the way. I keep it in my office so my roomates don't fuck with it. Oh, and my current girl friend Ginger on the desktop (well in my dreams anyway).

I took this pic with my real digital cam since the cheap one doesn’t have a flash. More pix tomorrow, lucky you. I’m going to try to sneak a camera into work and show you my lousy cube.

P.S. Hey, there is a rumor this guy that our representative-from-god president nominated to the supreme court is gay! Oh god I hope it's true! What a riot! Butt slammer on the bench. Supreme Court cock-sucker. Clarence Thomas better not drop the soap! I hear the Christian Taliban is freaking out. It will be even funnier to watch the lefties do an about face and start supporting his nomination because they love them fagits. This is great stuff even if it isn't true.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger The Cod God said...


I see the pen that I left there 2 years ago right where I left it.


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