Thursday, July 14, 2005

Break Some Divine Wind

When I got into work today, I almost tripped and killed myself. See, there is a rack next to my cube where we put dead computers and printers, etc. to be recycled. I guess our useless intern, who has so thoroughly invaded my space, had nothing better to do today than to take a couple old computers apart. Maybe he thought he could get some vacuum tubes out of them to send back to Mother Russia and help power the next revolution. Well that Bolshevik sumbitch left the parts strewn all over the floor. I kid you not. Good thing he had gone home otherwise he would have an ATX motherboard and power supply up his rooski rectum. I mean, how did these guys beat the Germans in WWII? I think I might sneak some arsenic into his Clearasil.

Well enough about him. Let's talk about some real fucking assholes. Like that brain-dead spider monkey we call a president. Is there anyone left out there who believes a word that comes out of the administration's mouth? Or any of their minions like government propagandists Rush Dimbulb, Sean Handjob, or Fox "News"? If you do, then I have some land in Florida that Elvis lives on that you can have if you send money to Nigeria. And I will have a blog devoted entirely to this Karl Rove fiasco soon. Lucky you.

Ah, and now, speaking of Fox "News", I will expound upon one of my biggest pet peeves: Whenever one of these unwashed, brain-washed, evil Islamic fundamentalists straps on a bomb and blows himself up along with innocent people, Fox calls it a "homicide bombing." As I recall, the reason they do this is because Israel briefly labeled suicide bombers "homicide bombers” a few years ago. Seems the act itself isn't heinous enough so they had to find a better label for it. Well Fox decided that they would follow Israel’s lead. And to this day are the only ones who use the term "homicide bomber."

It does make for some hilarious Fox headlines. Like "Police Suspect London Bombings The Result Of Homicide Bombers." No shit. I ask you - if the bombs were remotely detonated by these people as originally thought, would they not have been homicide bombings? Of course they would. All bombings that take lives are homicides! If Fox had been around in WWII would the headline have read "Japanese Homicide Pilots Attack 7th Fleet"??

The term “suicide bomber” is used to distinguish the act of killing one's self while in the act of killing others from other forms of bombings that kill, i.e. timed or remotely detonated bombs. They are all homicide bombs! Unfortunately Fox won't make this very important distinction. I happen to think that suicide bombings are far more evil and take it to a new level than just your run-of-the-mill remote bombings. It shows the psychotic religious fanaticism of these fiends. But Fox has its own bazaar right wing agenda and couldn't care less about the accuracy of its news.

Well, I think I gave BFace enough fodder to make fun of me for one night. Plus I have to clean up my goddamned cube.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger B-Face said...

Hello Mudder, hello Fodder! Actually I was thinking what you typed as I read it. That makes sense, I swear. Re: The "Homicide Bomber" term. After I read that, I thought how freakin' moronic the term is, and then you immediately wrote about how freakin' moronic it is. Good call.

Spider monkeys are cool.

Hey, regarding "Maybe he thought he could get some vacuum tubes out of them to send back to Mother Russia and help power the next revolution.", I was told (but have no facts to back this up) a few years back that vacuum tube manufacturers are so rare that the majority of tubes come out of, of all places, Russia these days. If not all of them. You know, Sovtek amps and all that. Someone do a websearch on this shit, I don't care enough to.

Schilling just gave up a 2-run homer. Take it out on the intern tomorrow Bob. Slam your Berkenstock on a motherboard and scream "VE VILL CRUSH YOU!!!!!"

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Wheel Gun Bob said...

I would rather bathe in my own filth than wear Birkenstocks.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger The Cod God said...

Wheel Gun Bob said...

I would rather bathe in my own filth

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

ps- Bob, there are so many more things to rip at Fox then the "suicide/homicide bomb(s)" thing-a-mer-bobber. C'mon, we need a good old fashioned tirade from you, it's been a while....a Bob-irade, if you will


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