Monday, November 17, 2008

Champion Johnson

Jimmie Johnson just won his 3rd straight NASCAR championship. I know some kids who think the name Jimmie Johnson is hilarious. You know, his first and last names are both aliases for the male genitalia. Makes you wonder if his middle name is Peter, hee-hee. Anyway, I was watching the final race of the season last night whilst pounding Bud pounders waiting for drag racing, my true love, to come on. A thought came to me as they usually do when I’m well lubricated. What if they started one half of the field of cars going clockwise around the track and the other half going counterclockwise at the same time? It would put figure 8 or enduro to shame. Can you imagine two cars each going 180MPH slamming into each other head on? It would be a combined speed of 360MPH, even faster than a top fuel dragster! It would be a race full of cars playing “chicken” with each other and as competitive as these guys are, no one would back down. The winner (and only survivor) would probably be some rookie trying his best to avoid everyone else. There would be no more three time champions like Jimmie Johnson. The ratings would be huge.


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