Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ex Problems, Etc

Although nearly incapacitated by my affliction, I was able to barely make it to band practice Sunday night. Not sure if my doctors would be proud or horrified. I know they will increase my medications when/if they find out. But despite a serious ring in my ears, I'm no worse for wear. Besides, having ringing in my head is better than having voices in my head.

Our fill-in drummer had a tough time with some of our weirder songs but should be OK for the show on October 5th. As to whether I make it to the show or not depends not so much on my health but the anticipated amount of Vaginal Americans (VAs) expected to be in attendance. Ole Wheelgun is sans girlfriend right now and that won't due at all. I have to find someone to give the little general new orders forthwith!

Speaking of which, Wheelgun's ex is trying to throw his ass out on the street. She has a big heart, that girl. Knows how to kick a man when he's down. So I got a cell phone just in case I need to make some phone calls from under a bridge. Despite my dire financial situation, I added the data option ($10 more a month) so I can continue to email and, far more importantly, update this blog. Feel free to send me any spare change you might have laying about since it's all about you. Or a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 in a brown paper bag.

I must now trudge on over to my doctors/tormentors and face the music, as it were.


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