Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enema Mine

I have a couple of minutes between shit cyclones here at work so I will beget for you a blog, my cyber children. Nothing special, mind you, just a standard fare random thoughts blog. Without further ado, prepare to be entertained/informed/horrified:

Obama’s enemies list – The crap feasting Republicans claim he has one. Why wouldn’t he? Enemies lists are as old as politics. I have an enemies list. It has 46 names on it all of which are my ex- girlfriend’s. Hell, she’s number 1 on my enema’s list since she is such a pain in the ass.

Baseball play offs – Who really cares? The damned Yankees will win it all. By the way, corpulent hurler C.C. Sabathia is getting so large I hear the National Guard wants him to disperse.

Kid in a balloon – Hear about the 6 year old who supposedly took off in a homemade mylar balloon? Man, when I was 6 I would’ve been psyched to fly away in a balloon. Actually I still want to. I wonder how much it would cost to make one. Shit, maybe I should lose more weight so it would be cheaper and I could get a hot chick to go with me.

Music – I was listening to the Blaster’s greatest hits on the way to the salt mines today. Jesus, that’s real Rock ‘n Roll. Check them out on YouTube. Why can’t you hear more music like that these days? Huh? Speaking of which, I am starting a new band. I will give details in my next few blogs.

I hear the winds howling. Another shit storm brewing. Gotta go.


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