Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Squat and Face the Music

Life has decided to squat over me and let fly the fecal matter full force as of late. I know, its probably the chickens coming home to roost, reaping what I've sown or whatever. But I seriously am not sure where I will call home next month. For someone with such a tenuous grip on sanity, that's not good. And my soon to be ex-girlfriend can't wait to be rid of me. Seems I'm not perfect like she is. She is right about that.

But enough of this self pity. My job is to entertain and inform you, the masses, and make your damned day! So I will wipe off all the excreta, gather myself and perform my primary function, at least as far as you are concerned. On with it -

Despite my frail being, I actually ventured out the other night. My band was playing a benefit for the yearly city Halloween parade to pay for the insurance, police, etc. I arrived at 8PM as the first band on the bill was playing. My lead singer Tom asked me where our other guitar player and fill-in drummer were. I informed Tom that I had less of an idea of their whereabouts than that of of Amelia Earhart's. I also allowed as to how I was not their goddamned mother. The situation got critical after the first band finished and our missing members were still missing. Lots of people volunteered to drum for us including local legend Bruce Pingree. It didn't matter that none of them knew how to drum. But that never stopped us before even with Rodger!

The mislaid musicians did turn up eventually and we played our special brand of precision garage rock. The bad news was we each got tickets for free drinks but I couldn't partake due to my heavily medicated person. Tom had no problem being a pal and taking them off my hands. The good news was I got a date with a hot chick who was in attendance. Will wonders never cease?


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