Friday, November 20, 2009

More From The Gift That Keeps Giving

Apologies, my dear cyber offspring, for I have been a bit remise in the blogging arena as of late. See, I‘ve been having a hell of a time with my ex-girlfriend. But at least there are numerous hot chicks interested in me since I’m now a free agent. I’m one hunk of available meat!

Of course what’s really animating my being at the moment is the anticipation I feel for that jug-bearing juggernaut Sarah Palin’s memoir “Going Rogue.” It’s coming out this week! The maladjusted MILF is about to embark on a book tour across this great land of ours. Hopefully she comes to New Hampshire so I can get a close up look at her cute ankles.

Whenever I hear her interviewed on T.V. I want to spill all my state secrets to get her to stop. I would rather be water boarded with a white hot poker rammed up my ass than listen to her vacuous, nasally, cutesy way of talking the Republican talking points. Guess that makes me some sort of America hating liberal elitist. Sorry, I happen to think knowledge is fairly important and Sarah Palin doesn’t know a pile of goose shit from tapioca pudding. I think cute ankles are important too so I watch her on TV with the sound off.

Funny how Republicans hate smart women like Hillary Clinton and make fun of her all the time but go nutzo ape-fuck when anyone makes fun of their precious Sarah. Well, at least she is awesome entertainment. For about 15 minutes.


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