Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Restoring Horror

Let the fasting, candle light vigils and self flagellation end. Wheel Gun Bob is back! Sorry for my long term absence but I have been attending to some legal matters recently. I hate legal matters. I would even rather attend to fecal matters. Not that it matters.

Speaking of fecal matter, let’s start off this blog with a short discussion of one of the worst beings on Earth. Although I doubt this being really is of this Earth. It calls itself Glenn Beck. It brought a whole bunch of angry white people to the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's “I have a Dream” speech. The Beck beast claimed this was a non-political event and proceeded to go on about the gathering being divinely inspired and how we should turn to god lest we become alcohol and drug addled like It used to be. Or worse, a liberal! One wonders what tentacled, Cthulu like monster Beck calls his god.

To add to this gathering’s “non-political” flavor, Beck invited that vacuous, vagina-bearing, venom spewing villainess Sarah Palin to speak. Probably had to pay her 100K. Wow. Dr. King was surely doing laps in his grave. Bet you not too many negroes were in attendance either, with the notable exception of Dr. Kings crazy, right wing daughter. What the hell is up with that? Maybe she is so full of self loathing that she enjoys being tea-bagged by tens of thousands (or millions according to the Beck creature) of racist right-wingers.

So in conclusion, Glenn Beck can strap on his lobster bib and knee pads and quaff my genitalia for all I care. But I must admit that I have become more religious in the wake of this. I pray to god every day that the mother ship returns and retrieves her prodigal son-of-a-bitch Glenn Beck!