Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shit Shoot

Douse those candlelight vigils, WGB is back! And boy, do I have a lot of shit to shoot your way, dear minions. First and foremost is my opinion of ole Twit Romney, the Greedpublican candidate for president. Here is his economic plan in a nutshell: Expand the tax base (increase taxes on the poor), reduce the tax burden of the “job creators” (decrease taxes on the wealthy), increase defense spending (welfare for the rich) and cut services for the poor (those lazy fuckers). And that simple plan will magically balance the budget! Wow. Anyone out there believe that line of festering bullshit? Maybe some dope in West Virginia named Cletus but no one else, right? Mitt will also have us at war with Iran, Yemen, Russia, Iceland, Canada and god knows who else. Oh, and by the way, Mormons are fucking weird. Celtics will lose 4 in a row to the hated Heat. Sox will come in third, maybe even fourth in the AL East. So there you have it. All you need to know about everything.