Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pretty Boy Pulls Out Another One

Sorry, I didn’t get to watch The Deciderer’s speech the other night. I wish I had so I could comment on it for your benefit, dear readers. But I bet the ole boy was full of his usual smirks and tics. God, I find it hard to watch him speechifying. So that said, what should I go on about in this blog?

Ah, the Patriots. Nice game yesterday. They might actually have what it takes to win yet another Super Bowl. Tom Brady, or “Pretty Boy” as my brother Wheel Gun John refers to him as, didn’t let three interceptions faze him in the least. All I can say is Payton Manning better have himself good and lubed up for next week's game. And attach his hands firmly to his ankles.

Watched my grand nephew Pocket Cod’s basketball game Saturday. They did loose but it’s always a blast to watch little kids play. Coach/Dad Cod God didn’t seem very happy at the end of the game. I think The Cod God should write a blog about what it’s like to coach little kids. I’m sure it’s a riot.

Well, back to politics. Darth Cheney’s at it again telling all who will listen that the prez can do anything he wants because he is the commander-in-chief and that they can go through all your financial records and sock drawers with out a warrant and…oh fuck it. Who cares? I’m sick of the whole thing.

Jesus, that was a weak blog even by my low standards.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ah-Hah! Caught you!

You figured I would be back. And here I am. Admit it - not a day goes by with out you thinking “I wonder what Wheelgun Bob would think of this?” And you keep checking back in hopes of finding out. Well the wait is over, my legion of fans. I will now comment on anything of significance that has transpired since my last blog.

The Democrat victories in the last elections. I predicted it. Really. I mean, just because my blog before the election seems not to support this is of no consequence. I can always change that. Anyway, I had a good laugh watching my Republican friends moaning and clutching at their still bleeding leather cheerios the day after the election. Of course the damned Democrats won’t do much better but they sure as hell can’t do worse.

Saddam Hussein’s visit to the gravity chiropractor. What will the neoconservatives do now that their reason for living is dead? I miss the fucker already. Too bad he wasn’t tried in America where he would have died of old age before even the first set of appeals. Hey, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow. It was amusing watching all the so-called Christians in this country celebrating his demise. Kill! It’s what Jesus would have wanted.

Oh, and about that pesky Iraq war. A lot of you are wondering what our doofus president will say tonight about “the new way forward” in Iraq. You can bet that whatever he wants to do, it will be the wrong thing. He has a stellar track record of failures so far, after all.

Red Sox. They just spent $102 million on this Japanese pitcher Bukkake Matsusaka or what ever his name is. They better make sure to keep the ceremonial swords out of his reach around his 2nd time through the New York Yankee line-up.

Did anything else important happen recently? Probably, but who cares? I will have a response blog to the President’s speech tomorrow. Betcha can't wait...